Friday, 13 February 2015

Pin That Home

Hello My Dearest,

I think it's safe to say we all to some extent love to decorate our homes. I must say I really admire Interior Designers, I can only dream of doing an amazing job like them. I thought for this post I will share some of my favourite pins from my Home Decor board and tell you why I love them so much. 

My taste in home decor is very mix and match. I love things that are rustic as well as things that are modern and mixing styles and patterns together makes me ecstatic about decorating. Me and my husband live in a small apartment which is spread over two floors. We love our little nest and when designing our interiors we took a lot of inspiration from Pintrest. When all our little projects are finished I may post some pictures on here to show you guys. For now enjoy my pins.

This must be the most rustic, vintage looking room. I love how adventurous it looks maybe the right description would be Sherlock Holmes'esc. I love the chesterfield sofa and the gorgeous wooden trunk as coffee table.
Both me and my husband have a love for antlers and skulls. I love what looks like sheep skin over the chair.  I also love the unusual desk, looks like wallpapering table. 
I love me some picture / art wall. I love the layout of these photos, posters etc. I also like the hanging lightbulb and the lovely cabinet in the corner very industrial. Side table made out of what looks like pipes. Industrial with pops of colour.
This is a very light space, the art on the wall is lovely and the unusual mirrored coffee table is breathtaking. This would make any space look bigger due to the mirrored table and the light colours used in decor. 
My love for poufs is great, at the moment we only own 2. I love the art wall and the layout on the coffee table. Its very effective, especially the gorgeous rug.
This is my dream chair. I love the textures, patterns and colour. BREATHTAKING or as my husband said it looks like something that he would find in his grandmother's house.
This would look amazing in our house. My husband plays guitar and this would  just look so cool. 
Perfect reading corner. I love the studded chair, the gorgeous Pixar lamp and bookshelves. It's another Sherloc'esc room.

That is all from me, if you would like to see more posts like this one please let me know.
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