Monday, 9 February 2015

My Favourite Blushers from MAC

Hello My Dearest,

Onto my favourite MAC blushers. I probably should add blushers to my addiction list. I own many different brands and colours of this glorious product. Here are my top picks.

From the left: Love Thing, Legendary, Whole Lotta Love and Gingerly.

1. Most used of ALL time. Gingerly which is a sheertone blush mostly matte. It's a dark shade but a very natural looking when applied correctly. I would describe it as browny-orange. It's my everyday colour  topped with another one of my favourites which I will write about in a moment. I think it's a nice colour to contour with if you are not too keen on bronzer, it's much more subtle. I have definitively hit pan on this one and need to repurchase it. I think this colour would work on most skin colours but maybe a little bit too dark for the very fair skin tone.

2. This is my topper for Gingerly. Legendary from the Marilyn Monroe collection. Gorgeous subtle peachy blush. It's a satin finish blusher with a little bit of sparkle. I like to use it as topper with either Gingerly or a bronzer. It's a beautiful everyday, subtle colour. I haven't hit pan yet, I'm trying my hardest not to hit pan as this was from a limited collection. This blusher would work lovely on most skin types, it may be a little too light for the darker skin tones. I would say swatch it and see it may suit you but as I said unfortunately it is limited edition.

3. My summer blush, Whole Lotta Love. I am not sure if this is still available, I have a feeling it was limited edition with the office collection but not sure so don't quote me on that. It's a very vibrant pink with orange speckles, the finish on this one is a pro-long wear blush. It does have ever so slight shimmer to it. I love this blusher for summer when I'm feeling extra happy and colourful. i think this would work for ALL skin tones, it can be applied to build up the colour.

4. This is one of the most gorgeous blushers I own. I bought it coming back from honeymoon at the airport. It's the only mineralize blush I own, Love Thing. It's a blush masterpiece, so pigmented. It's a plum colour with a whole load of shimmer. As it is extremely pigmented you only need to dab your brush in it and apply. Little goes a LONG way. I think this colour would mostly suit darker skin tones. i try to make it work but it's really easy to over do this colour. Perfect for autumn.

These are my favourites and what are yours?

Lots of Love,
Sara xox


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