Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Journey of Those Weak Nails

The first post for the month of nails is something close to my heart.

My dear fellow nail biters, been there, done that, and it's not worth it. I must say it takes a lot of inner power not to bite, whilst watching a nerve wracking movie, reading an exciting book or just out of boredom. I think most of us, at some point in life, bite our nails or maybe pick the skin around our fingers. It's a hard habit to get rid of.

I'm still on the journey to better nails. Since I can remember I have always bitten my nails. I couldn't grow them on my own so as a teenager I started getting acrylics which of course wrecked my nails (fashion, peer pressure). I never went to have them taken off professionally, oh no, I took them off myself. Yes, I ripped my acrylics off. My nails became extremely brittle and they were tiny.

I decided that if I really want to still be the person known for original, lovely nails, it was time to sort my natural nails out. So welcome to my journey to better nails and eventually, hopefully amazing nail art on my natural nail. I'll try not to fake it anymore, at least not in the acrylics direction, but I can't promise anything ;-).

The goal is to learn how to apply CND Shellac and try the gel overlay route for my nails. I hope you will stick around and let's see where the journey takes us.


Lots of love,


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