Friday, 9 January 2015

Red or not here they come!


Finding the perfect red lipstick can be a struggle and I think finding the perfect red nail polish is the same. Here are some of my suggestions.

Please excuse that these are not photographs of my nails wearing these beautiful colours, but they wouldn't do these polishes any justice.

These are my three top picks, and they are all different finishes and they also differ slightly in colours.

Ciaté's Boudoir - This polish has a lovely satin finish I would say. It's on the brighter side of reds, This one is my favourite, true bright red. The formula is lovely as with all Ciaté varnishes. Very easy to apply. If you want to feel like a little poshy (I am fully aware that poshy is not a word) try this colour out. One coat is a little bit too sheer, but two is perfect and topped with your favourite top coat it looks lovely. I must say that Ciaté seems to last quite well on natural nails. I think my nails release a lot more oils than a normal person's, because polishes just slide off my nails but Ciaté's varnishes seem to stick quite well. 3 days is still my maximum with these, but that's better than normal as sometimes they come off after like 3 hours. 

Bourjois' Rouge Escarpin - Let us start by saying that I adore the brush on this polish. It has a lovely wide brush which is mega easy to use. The formula is lovely too. It's a little darker than Boudoir and I would say maybe a little more elegant. The finish is a satin again. Opacity is good at one coat and perfecto at two coats. I love this nail varnish, I can't remember when I bought it but I am glad I have. It's my go to polish for toe nails. If you are looking for a nice classic red but still with a little bit of the bright red factor try this polish.

Barry M's Blood Orange - So ... I don't know why this one is called blood orange as I don't see the orange side, but maybe it's there and I'm just colour blind. The finish is my favourite of the three, I can't praise the Gelly polishes enough, they are awesome. The colour is amazing at one coat, I don't tend to use more than one coat on the Gelly polishes. It is a little on the thicker side so you need to be careful as it can run on to the sides of the nail and onto the skin (or maybe that's just my clumsiness). 

Hope my little reviews help you pick your red.

Lots of Love,


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