Monday, 19 January 2015

Pink gets me high as a kite.


I'm back to bring you some gorgeousness in my favourite colour, oh yes, you guessed it ... PINK.
I love me some fabulous pink. Here are my choices in nail varnishes when it comes to the wide array of pinkness.

Ciaté's Hoopla - This is my very slightly glittery pink, it falls a little bit into the peachy family. If my inner magpie screams pink I will most probably reach for this pink. The formula as I said before is great, Ciaté has it's game on when it comes to formula. One coat is sheer you need at least two and I would say three for totally opaque. If you are looking for a peachy pink that looks incredible in the light then try this one. 

Ciaté's Kiss Chase - This is my holiday pink, nice bright and looks incredible with a tan. Must I say anything about the formula? You all know I love it. I recommend two coats for a nice satin finish and finish it off with a good quality top coat. I am really sorry that I haven't got a photograph of me wearing it, as seeing it in a bottle doesn't do it justice, it is gorgeous. Try it if you can.

Ciaté's Kinickerbockerglory - I would say this colour is gorgeous on toes and also it's my go to for the end of summer, when I am still lingering on the summery feeling and don't quite want to ditch the brights. One coat is ok but again I think two coats is best for this colour. Let's just take a second to admire the crazy name! 

Sally Hansen's Sugar Coat in Cotton Candies - This is the perfect Barbie colour, when I bought it I didn't notice it was a sugar coat (yes, I know it's in large letters on the bottle). When applied it looks lovely on, I prefer it on my nails when they are slightly shorter. I have also used it on my toes and got complimented and asked what colour it was. One coat is enough to get the opaque look. If you like textured nail varnishes this is great it feels really cool and bumpy I guess. What is most important is that it stays on for ages and the colour is just amazing!

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Lots of Love,

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