Monday, 5 January 2015

It's so sparkly I'm gonna die!

I'm a little bit of a magpie when it comes to sparkles! I love me some sparkly polish, here are some of my favourites and reasons why, also some of my not so lovely sparkles and reasons why. Please excuse that there are no pictures of the polish on my nails, but currently my nails are in no shape to be looking attractive in pictures.

Orly's Sparkling Garbage  - this is my top pick of all glitzy polishes. Its a finely milled glitter overlay polish. It gives a great overlay coverage and the most beautiful rainbow sparkle. It is green based, so looks best over any polish in the green colour line. I bought mine from TK MAXX as most of my polishes, it was actually my husband's pick and I wasn't really sure if I liked it, he obviously has a better eye for polishes than me. I think that this polish doesn't get the hype it needs. 1 coat for nice sparkly addition, 2-3 coats for nice opacity. I wouldn't use it on it's own as I don't think it really looks that great, it needs to be used as overcoat. The formula is on the runny side but still easy to apply. The pictures can't do this polish justice, swatch it in the shop or invest in one.

Lucky's 411 - I bought this little beauty whilst on holiday in Poland and it cost me a whole £0.60 so a bargain considering this is my second favourite glittery nail polish. I appreciate this maybe hard to find for my non Poland living readers but you never know, you may end up there on holiday one day. This polish is definitively for overlaying your choice of nail varnish. It has small glitter particles in clear polish, when painted on it gives gorgeous rainbow sparkling glitter effect. It doesn't distribute the glitter evenly so you have to apply at least 2 coats. The formula is not too thin neither too thick so I guess the word for it would be pretty perfect.

OPI's Snow You Love Me - hmm... I had so much hope and love for this polish when I bought it until I tried it and it absolutely popped my Hope Bubble. In the bottle it is so gorgeous, big circles of holographic glitter in clear nail varnish, BEAUTIFUL. I came home to try it and applied one coat to find out it only picked up 2 pieces of glitter, the second coat picked up only one piece. I was soaking my nails more with the clear polish than getting the gorgeous particles on my nails. This must be my most disappointing glitzy polish. I did manage to find a use for it and I do use it with my dotting tool picking up the circles one by one and placing them on the nails, it's a long process but at least it's not a total waste.

Ciaté's Snow Globe -  lovely flakey glitzy polish. I really like this nail polish, it's a little different type of sparkly. It's a clear nail varnish with little holographic flakes. The brush picks up a nice amount of the flakes and I think 2 coats are plenty for a nice sparkling overlay. The formula is on a thicker side but not too thick it's nice enough to spread the particles all over the nails. 

Ciaté's Party Shoes - although most of my polishes a very much different from each other this one is completely different. Normally I go for glitter all in one size and this polish has 2 different particles size, tiny ones and medium ones. The little glitter is gold and the medium glitter is iridescent green and blue. The formula is on the runny side but the brush still picks up a nice amount and spreads it moderately all over the nail, I think it looks best layered over a varnish of your choice with at least 2 coats. I like this polish when I fancy a little bit of the gold decadent look. 

Ciaté's Fit For A Queen - the only metallic nail polish I own. This had to make it's way into the sparkly polishes, it's a perfect silver. I guess a foil effect silver. It's very opaque, I normally apply 2 coats but you could get away with one coat. The formula is lovely and so easy to apply. It looks like it has a silver base with tiny little silver glitter. It is gorgeous!

I hope this post helps. I love all those polishes in their own way. SPARKLES!

Lots of love,


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