Wednesday, 24 December 2014

I have seen these before...


Yes, as the title says you have probably seen these before, I have been having a few glitches with my blog and unfortunately my jazzy little posts have disappeared. Don't you worry, I will re-write some posts as I have had some good responses from my lovely readers.

Garnier Cleansing Water, yes, I still swear by that product. I'm a winged liner wearer and sometimes it can be a challenge to remove it but Garnier does the job. If you haven't yet tried it you need to give it a shot. The price is very reasonable and trust me I'm use to the quality of Bioderma and I must say I haven't bought a bottle of Bioderma since using this micelar water. 

Instead of using a toner I use The Body Shop's Vitamnin E Face Mist. It's light on the skin and makes the skin feel refreshed. I also use it as a make up setting spray for a nice dewy healthy looking finish. 
The Body Shop Vitamin E Day and Night Cream, they both make my skin feel soft, moisturised and plumped. Very good products. I am nearly out of these, I will in fact not be repurchasing these as I would like to try some other skincare that is available out there.

The Body Shop Camomile Face Butter for that lovely deep cleanse that leaves your skin feeling silky. I am a huge, huge fan of Liz Earle and this product is a very worthy competitor. I must admit I have run out of the face butter and I am missing it, so I will be 100% repurchasing this product. I am currently trying out a few other face cleansers and I will let you know soon how I got on with them.

Tanning obsessive is what I am. I had the bad habit of going to the sun beds and I must admit I am still tempted by them as they give the best finish, I am trying to be good.

Two favourites of mine are the Rimmel Sun Shimmer and He-Shi One Day Tan. To avoid streaks I mix a little bit of the tanner with The Body Shop Shea Butter, of course you can mix it with any good moisturiser. I really like these but I do think tanners are an individual choice just because some like the spray, others the mousse and some the cream. I can suggest you try these and see what you think, these are definitely budget products. 

The Body Shop Body Butter in Raspberry because the smell is incredible and the moisturising factor as all Body Shop butters is out of this world.

The Body Shop Scrub in Peach because the grittiness of this scrub is perfect pre-fake-tanning. This must have been the scrub I have used up the quickest as it's so, so, so good.

The Body Shop Shower Gel in Mango, just a beautiful holiday like scent. What is great is that The Body Shop doesn't use soap in their shower gels so they don't dry out the skin. 

Last but not least is their dry brushing brush. I guess you could get it from other companies, I got mine from TBS because I bought all my other body care from there. It's great if you want nice, healthy looking skin. I like to dry brush just before moisturising so that my skin absorbs more of the moisture. 

So I guess thats all. Hope you enjoyed it and ... speak to you soon.



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